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Inverter VRF Airconditioning Systems with Hot Water Generator


Why choose the Blue Star IVRFW?

The IVRFW system caters to the two basic and essential needs of any commercial establishment while being energy efficient. It keeps occupants comfortable with airconditioning and also serves their need for hot water. This system not only consumes less energy and saves on power bills but since it multi-tasks, it saves on initial investment cost and space too.


A multi-tasking airconditioning system - it can heat, cool and generate hot water.
Wide range of designer cooling units to choose from.
R410A-based eco-friendly system.
When working in cooling mode, the hot water generation does not consume any extra energy and is practically a free by-product.
Integrated business management solution and simplified computer controlled operation.
Precise temperature control with pulse width modulated flow control technology.
Need-based cooling with high flexibility in "select and use" to suit your comfort requirement.
Highly energy-saving in both full and part load conditions.