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Compact 9 Master Exchange Unit



The Compact 9 System is ideal for small to medium sized installations which don't require the complexity of a full network solution.

The EVCS Compact 9 is a combined Line Exchange Unit and Master Handset which connects to up to 9 Disabled Refuge or Fire Emergency Telephones. Capable of being extended to 19 outstations it is the ideal solution for EVCS in small and medium buildings.

Fully compliant with BS5839 part 9 (2011) each Compact 9 unit is supplied complete with power supply requiring no further equipment and minimum commissioning effort to.

Key Features:

Connects to Disabled Refuge, Fire Telephone and Toilet Assist alarm devices.

2 core connection with communication outstations.

Internal Power supply and battery back-up to EN54 part 4.

Single unit for handset and exchange unit.

Full duplex communications with outstations.

Simple menu programming.

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